To help promote exhibiting artist, Gallery  Ten Seven now advertises on and Art Week. Art Week has over 800k impressions and 280k page visits per month. The objective is to give awarded and recognized art work as much exposure as possible.

There is still time to submit for ARCxA: Theme of Architecture in Art. Entry deadline March 13, 2019. Gallery Ten Seven welcomes two-dimensional submissions that feature architecture (built environment) as a subject matter or theme in a variety of forms including painting, digital imagery and collage. The submissions may feature a variety of architecture elements beyond building as object – built, un-built or conceptual. It may include elements of a building such as windows, frames or facades or groups of structures. The submission may also explore abstractions and impressions of architecture and buildings. The exhibit does not include architectural photography or hand line drawings as there are future exhibits that focus on these mediums.

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Digital watercolor painting of a row of houses in the center of Delft in the Netherlands.