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1982-85 – MArch, Yale School of Architecture
1981-82 – Architectural Studies, Taubman College, University of Michigan
1978-79 – Graduate Studies (Painting/Drawing), University of Chicago
1973-1978 – BGS (Pharmacology), University of Michigan


My involvement with art and architecture has been to focus on the sense of place – the perceived space of psychological proportions. The power of works of art and architecture resides in the ability to transport the imagination to recognizable yet intangible destinations. The subject is the transformation of the subjunctive.


[FLAK] detroit – founding board member, and advisor. FLAK is a cultural forum with creative individuals and is dedicated to invigorating the creative community in Detroit. Members believe in inventive, sensitive, and humane visions that are not only relevant, but are urgently needed for Detroit and the world. [FLAK] was organized by architects, artists, planners, photographers, teachers, students, and design professionals.
Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility – founding board member of the Detroit Chapter of ADPSR.

Teaching Experience

University of Detroit, Adjunct Professor – Responsible for instruction of 2-D and 3-D Visual Communications. He was responsible for the fifth year design studio, a source that sought to link architectural design to the historical and cultural fabric of Detroit.
Lawrence Technological University, Lecturer – Responsible for the creation and instruction of Architectural Analysis, a theory course that sought to investigate and illuminate upon the nature of architecture.


MoNA (Museum of New Art), Critical Mass – curator and participant in the group exhibition in the heart of Detroit. This exhibition evolved from the recognition that there is a significant core of creative, critical, and visionary architects, artists, and designers whose work addresses relevant political, social, and aesthetic issues of importance for the city of Detroit and the rest of the world.

Marygrove College. Critical Mass II – curator and participant in the group exhibition in Detroit.

Detroit @ 55, a Film Project shown at the Cranbrook Museum of Art – organizer/producer and film maker. The concept of the project was to capture more personalized glimpses of Detroit in videos of 55 seconds in duration.

Detroit @ 55 II, a Film Project shown at the Cranbrook Museum of Art – organizer/producer and film maker.

Ten Years Out – Yale School of Architecture, Ten Years Out Group Exhibition – Participated in the exhibition that focused on works produced within the first ten years out of graduate school. Yale Art + Architecture Gallery, New Haven.

Detroit Artist’s Market (DAM), Psyche Specific – curator and participant in the group exhibition which sought to bring together the creative energies of architects, painters, sculptors, photographers, and video artists. The purpose of the exhibition was to present explorations into the nature of architecture from a variety of perspectives

Theoretical Projects

WWI Memorial, Dulce et decorum est, Washington DC – A place that is made of spaces coming together of latent memories – a spiritual place that holds both faith and hope, and symbolically raises the human spirit. The names of the dead and fallen shall be remembered in a temple dedicated to their virtues, where the light of their spirit can shine – a Hall of Honor.

World Trade Center Memorial Competition, Forms in Light – Developed a proposal for the memorial at the foot of Manhattan. It was an attempt to capture the essence of those eternal values that will ultimately prevail over evil desires.

Dubai Wing – Thematic Pavilion – Created a proposal for the ThyssenKrupp Elevator Competition. The wing is an emblematic structure that represents the marriage of diverse forces that can be seen to overlap and coexist – desert and sea . . . land and the sky . . . human need and human desire. While we are all circumscribed by the limitations of our physical presence, our minds allow us to soar above prosaic reality – setting us free from the constraints that weigh us down. It was born out of an opposition to architecture’s traditional responses to both wind and gravity.

House of Multiple Dimensions – Created a place of refuge for performing thought experiments. The project was developed on the following observations:
Einstein’s discoveries (over 80 years ago) overthrew Newtonian ideas, and yet most of us still see space and time in absolute terms, while the passage of time depends on our state of motion. In “Elegant Universe,” Brian Greene seeks to resolve the incompatibles of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics through String Theory, requiring that we drastically change our understanding of space, matter, and time.

Central Glass International Design Competition, a Town Landmark – The concept of gathering place was developed within the framework of creating a landmark that would celebrate the “Origin of Detroit” – based on the original master plan, outlined by Judge Woodward in 1805.

Nam June Paik Ideas Competition, Floating Space – Created a proposal that imagined a hovering luminous form for the museum honoring Nam June Paik in Seoul, Korea.
Michigan Vietnam Memorial – Created a proposal that would employ a surrealistic landscape to preserve the eternal presence of lost souls.

Temple of Laughter, Detroit, MI – Developed a proposal for the transformation of an empty residential lot – seeking to spiritually revitalize a blighted neighborhood.

Atlanta Olympics Proposal – Music Bridge – Developed a proposal for a conceptual project that consisted of a pedestrian link between two vehicular bridges that would respond to the sounds of the city by having its shape continually become reconfigured through the use of mechanized metal panels.


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